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It's Time to Get Clicked! E-Mail Giant, the Complete E-Mail Solution.

Sending an email is easy - but actually delivering your email to a customer's inbox requires a unique combination of service expertise and advanced technology. Let our experienced List Specialists at Email Giant help! We provide the industry's most complete email technology and services. Send your message to more than 200 million double opt-in email addresses, and track your progress with campaign delivery and reporting tools!

Whether you want to tell your clients about your next sale or want to show potential customers your new look, e-mail marketing could be the right method for you!

Popular Uses for Email Marketing

Boost Product and Service Awareness - Tell your new or existing clients about your new product or changes to your existing services. Let them know if your having a new sale!

Change Your Brands Identity - Have a new look? Let your clients and any potential client’s see your new look and remind them about your product or services.

Tell the World About New Products and Services - Have some cool new product or service you want to tell your clients about? Now its easy to do so!

Keep Your Existing Clients Up to Date - Have a newsletter or regular important information that needs to be sent out in a timely fashion to your clients? Email broadcast to your clients as easy as 1, 2, 3 and move on!

As with all great marketing options, test it out! Email Marketing may just be the right method for you.

For more information visit our website at www.e-mailgiant.com or submit a contact form by clicking on the button above, and one of our List Specialists will contact you shortly!